Desierto de los Leones national park

Zero stars, I did not see a single lion inside the park, nor is it a desert.

The first drive on which I took the Kia culminated here, a National Park inside the city limits* of the largest city of North America.


once you arrive to the national park you’re greeted with rangers who will charge you 20 pesos to enter. You will climb to the near top of the Sierra de las Cruces, and you will find this ex convent:

It was given to the revolutionaries independents army (probably by force) in 1810 and served as a base for a while before being abandoned, nothing was made of it until 1917 when Venustiano Carranza named it a National Park. Since then it has been administered by the feds and oh god is it beautiful.

It’s called Desierto de los Leones because when the monastery was founded the people in it thought it had a deserted landscape, as in no people, since it was organized by the Leon family, it was given that name too.


Once you arrive, you’ll be charged 16 pesos to enter, and you’ll find some nicely kept gardens where quinceañeras will have their pictures taken, I saw 3 parties I shit you not.


The icing on the cake? You take this road up to the monastery:


Though it should be said that cyclist/runners absolutely love this road, and going any faster than 25mph would be irresponsible, plus, you have all the nice trees and shit to distract you. It’s also closed after 4:30PM and opens at 5AM. So no midnight club shit going on.

*: Calling Mexico City a city is a stretch, it’s a State and it has a City within it, most of the south western area of Mexico City consists of this national park,and the Tepozteco and Ajusco national parks. Those areas are as populated as a Cosby show rerun in a California cinema.

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