Design Details: Engine Bays Edition

Design Details is finally back! After a long period of hiatus, here we are again analyzing some of the best, worst, and weirdest automotive design elements in history. This week, the focus is on engine bays. Modern cars have their engines largely obscured by huge chunks of plastic for thermal and sound protection, but before then engines were largely exposed for the world to see. Which old or modern engine looks best? (Also, we’re trying to look beyond super/hyper cars here, because obviously the engine in an F40 is going to look amazing...)

I have personally always been a fan of the simple appearance of the longitudinal I6 used in the S90/V90 twins in the late 90's early 2000's. A big silver rectangle that looks good stock and even better polished and making 700 hp.


The classically canted longitudinal four cylinder is also rather simplistically pretty with the basic badging and elegant horizontal striping.

So what do you think Oppo?

What are the best/worst/most distinctive engine bays in the automotive world?

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