Design Details: Front Grilles Edition

This may or may not be my last post for a week or so as tomorrow we leave for a ten day trip in Arizona, so prior to that, let’s analyze some Design Details!

Since last week we covered tail lights and the week prior was head lights, this week is going to be another design element that has a strong influence on the overall appearance of the car: the front grille. Originally meant to channel air into the radiator, grilles have become more of fashion statements recently, with many manufacturers introducing corporate grilles that are forced onto all a manner of different models. The question though is, who does it best?


Is it Volvo’s giant rectangle which has forever had the diagonal strip and arrow logo adorning its front?

Or Saab’s traditional three piece trapezoid which (in my opinion) was always subtler and classier than the BMW kidneys?

So what do you think Oppo?

What are the best/worst/most distinctively styled grilles in the automotive world?

Hint: If you’re having trouble, look at the article tags ;)

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