Design Details: Radio Antennae Edition

There was once a time when people actually listened to the radio when they got in the car. To participate in this antiquated routine required communication between the car and certain strategically placed dishes on poles to bring you the latest in-car entertainment. As obsolete as we may perceive the radio to be with CDs and MP3 players usurping its reign on playing music in vehicles, automakers still find the radio important enough to dedicate time engineering special antennae for improved clarity and aerodynamics. Who has actually tried hardest, though, and who is obviously just calling it in?

The V50 employs a useful and aerodynamic ‘shark fin’ antenna
Whereas the Grand Caravan simply had a pole sticking out of the passenger side fender

So what do you think Oppo?

What are the best/worst/most distinctively styled radio antennae in the automotive world?

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