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Design Details: Rear Bumper Reflectors Edition

Today there are some more United States lighting regulations for us to take a look at with Design Details! Now, you may or may not have recognized the recent uprising of red reflectors along the back of the rear bumper of cars stateside in modern years; for those who have, the reason for that is the NHSTA’s FMVSS 108 mandated in 2011 which requires their existence. Thus, which cars do you think have adapted best to this modern requirement?

On things like the new QX60 they’re not too obvious given the giant thing’s plethora of violent “flame surfacing” distracting your eyes
On the new Civic they’re bracketed by ugly and unnecessary fake vents which just ruin the otherwise lovely rear IMO

So what do you think Oppo?

What are the best/worst/most distinctively styled rear bumper reflectors in the automotive world?

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