Design My RallyX Coarse

So my wife just sent me info about this house. It’s a 1800sq/ft, 3 bed, 2 bath, with a 2 car garage, and 15 acres, and its almost in “budget”. As a bonus the house if only about 3 years old. So basically its everythign we both want/need. I edited the image just to make it a bit less likely for be reverse goolge-able.

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Now it shouldn’t surprise you that my #1 reason for wanting a plot of land is to have my own little rallyX track, and a few beaters to well, beat on it. With the possibility of even hosting events.

So I ask you fellow oppos, assuming that all of the field is within the property line, how would you layout the track. For reference the field at it widest from east to west is about 1/4 mile, and the two buildings with black lines over them have been torn down, the grey roof is the house, and the red roof this the garage, why one earth they don’t have matching roofs is beyond me.

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