Is it a roundabout? Is is a four-way stop? Is it neither? Is it both?

Is it pointless? <-

This is just ridiculous. I can only imagine the meeting went:

- “Let’s put in a roundabout, they’re good for traffic flow.”

- “I think roundabouts are complicated and dangerous. Let’s keep the stop signs.”



So we end up with an expensive lump of concrete topped off with some lopsided foliage and some road widening that has a net effect of allowing cars from opposite directions to turn left at the same time and nothing else. Oh, and while obstructing your view.


There is literally nothing else it does. By rights it should still be a true 4-way stop, it’s too small as it is to do any good as a roundabout.

It doesn’t really cause any problems (that I know of), but really Toronto? You spent our money on this? Suddenly I see why you need so many of those artificially low speed limits...