I am wiped out from a total detail and some mod work. But it’s so nice to have a polished and waxed car.

Decided to use the overcast day to detail the GTI. It’s had a few washes this spring, but it really needed a deep detail.

In a nutshell, here’s what got done.

- Washed and clayed with clay mitt

- Polished with dual action polisher using Wolfgang 3.0 total swirl remover. True professionals would have taped off the windshield and trim, but I wasn’t feeling professional today, I just did my best to stay away from glass and trim. I did a pretty good job at it.

- Hand applied Klasse AIO.

- Hand applied Collonite 845 wax. Used baby bottle warmer to keep it pliable and in a sort of liquid state.

- Cleaned and detailed the tires, wheels, exterior trim, sunroof, and under the hood (engine was pretty clean and didn’t need a major wash, just a wipe down of big parts).


- Vacuumed the interior, applied Aerospace 303 to interior trim, applied leather conditioner to the seats, cleaned all the glass.

- Went back and applied second coat of wax by hand, this time using Collonite 476. Yes, I know, probably overkill. But I loves me some Collonite and I wanted 2 coats of wax, so I figured, what the heck - I’ll put the 476 paste wax on top of the 845 insulator wax. Worked great. Did one panel at a time and had no problems removing the wax. The paint is so slick you can’t put a microfiber on it or it just slides off.

- Installed my Black Forest Industries shifter and iPhone 5 SE mount. Love the BFI knob, it really matches up well with the Boomba short shifter, but the install is a giant PITA.


- Collapsed from exhaustion

Tools of the trade
Reflections on a fender


All the wax belong to me
She is clean
My wife said I had too good of time with my new knob. She’s right you know. Bonus phone mount.