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Detective Work - Montreal Auto Show

Illustration for article titled Detective Work - Montreal Auto Show
Photo: Said friend’s photo of his Porsche

My friend has an ‘87 Porsche 930 with Advan AVS wheels on it. He got the car that way roughly 15 years ago. The previous owner had said that the car was on display at the Montreal auto show in the Advan/Yokohama booth, presumably sometime between 1988 and the early nineties.


Him and I are trying to verify this story. Unfortunately, no photos or other evidence seems to exist, except for the unusual-for-a-Porsche wheel choice.

It’s a longshot, but does anybody know of any photos from the Montreal auto show circa the late eighties/early nineties?


We’ve uncovered crazily-rare things on Oppo before, so it’s worth a shot 😁

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