I wanted a way to judge or have an idea of the level of performance a vehicle has without watching reviews or driving the vehicle. Power-to-weight ratio (in lbs/hp) seems to be the best ballpark figure so I decided to make up a ranking system using that. I haven’t tested this out, so pick some vehicles and see if this is at all accurate.

*Note that the names are just performance markers, not necessarily ways of determining whether or not a vehicle is a sports car, super car, or hyper car. However, hopefully this tells you whether it “performs” like a sports car, super car, or hyper car.*

Sub Sport - Benchmark 15 lbs/hp.

Entry Sport - Benchmark 14 lbs/hp.

Full Sport - Benchmark 12 lbs/hp.

Entry Performance - Benchmark 10 lbs/hp.

Full Performance - Benchmark 9 lbs/hp.

High Performance - Benchmark 8 lbs/hp.

Super Performance - Benchmark 7 lbs/hp.

Hyper Performance - Benchmark 5 lbs/hp.

*String of Expletives* Performance - Benchmark 3 lbs/hp.

One:1 Performance = 2.2 lbs/hp

Also note that this is for street vehicles. I haven’t looked into higher performance vehicles and what happens to segments as you approach 0 lbs/hp. I also haven’t created performance terms for vehicles that are well below 16 lbs/hp since I think below that benchmark you’re looking at performance in terms of efficiency instead of athleticism.

Until a vehicle hits the benchmark, it is at the top end of the class below the benchmark.


Vehicle 1 can be had with a P2W ratio of 12.10 lbs/hp.
Vehicle 2 can be had with a P2W ratio of 11.97 lbs/hp.
Vehicle 3 can be had with a P2W ratio of 10.51 lbs/hp.


Vehicle 1 is at the top end of Entry Sport vehicle.
Vehicle 2 is at the bottom end of a Full Sport vehicle.
Vehicle 3 is in the middle of an Entry Performance vehicle.

Pick some cars and see where they stack up! You can help me refine this.