DeTomaso & Coffee

So Cars and Coffee Southlake did not have a show in a couple of months, and that was likely because of the antics of a few people attending the show. Now it was back in full effect at a new venue at the Gateway Church. And boy, what a great venue. Pretty much a dedicated exit lane to the street for people to film at and a nicely laid out parking lot. It truly brought back the old Cars and Coffee vibes I had when it was at Classic BMW. And bonus: I don’t have to walk as far to get to the meat of the show either!

There were a lot of nice cars there, and because of my later arrival time I did not have time to shoot as many of them before cars started leaving. I must make it a point to arrive early next time so I have more time to shoot the parking lot. I did however take extra time to shoot the Pantera, what a stunner! Always been one of my favorites.


The exit shots were killer too. Truly a one stop shop for a YouTube hobbiest such as myself. Great cars stationary and on the move. Just as I like it! And, very GT3 heavy too on the exit shots. Which isn’t a bad thing IMHO!

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