I found out that I’m one of two “finalists” for a position at FCA’s Tech Center in Auburn Hills, so I’ve started looking into accommodations. I’ve been told that Ferndale and Royal Oak are nice areas for “young professionals”, while Rochester Hills and the like are more for families. I’d like to keep my commute under 30 minutes, but I’m not familiar enough with traffic patterns to judge; my guess is that people are generally commuting IN to Detroit for work, so I would potentially be heading the opposite direction of rush hour traffic?

Seems like my primary issue is going to be finding places with garages for my cars (I rent garages in my current complex for the Lotus and Shelby); seems like most of the apartment complexes up there only have open lots and carports?

Any advice regarding areas to look at and/or avoid, as well as things to do in area would be greatly appreciated. My only friend up there lives in Ann Arbor, so his input was somewhat limited.