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Detroit Oppo Meet! Bump

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Like strange hoopties? Are you a beatnik who’s into jalopys? Join Jalopnik’s David Tracy and I at the Concours d’LeMons next weekend, July 30th.


What is the Concours d’LeMons?

Not happy to lower the standards of just one Concours weekend, LeMons brings Hoopties, Rust Buckets, Misfits, Mistakes and the worst of the automotive world to the Concours of the America’s weekend in Michigan. The Concours d’LeMons Michigan will take place on July 30, 2016 at the Inn at St. John’s, in a corner of the parking lot near the dumpsters. How fitting. But hey at least we are on the property of a major concours. All of regular Concours d’LeMons hi-jinx will ensue, capricious judging, bribery, awful trophies and even worse cars. If you take yourself or your car very seriously, this isnt the show for you. Hagerty Insurance has has stepped in to add a shred of legitimacy to this farce so be sure to thank them for the laughs. is also on board to help you fix your hooptie so you dont have to call a tow truck. The best part is that the show is free for participants and spectators, so you’ll get exactly what you pay for. Spectator parking is at Northville High School 45700 Six Mile Rd, Northville, MI 48168 and shuttle buses will run all day long to the Inn at St. John’s.



Spectators and Show Car Registration are FREE!

I’m going to talk David into entering the Moab XJ into the show. Hope to see you all there!


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