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Detroit VS Detroit (updated)

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Yesterday DetNews published a story about an ongoing car theft investigation in Detroit. Hidden towards the end of the article is this gem: “Police continued monitoring Nationwide (towing) and found “that stolen vehicles were recovered shockingly quickly, sometimes before they had even been reported stolen,” the city said.” But they didn’t come out and say what the logical conclusion to that fact is: THEY WERE STEALING THE VEHICLES. They being cops and tow yards. What I’ve been saying all along. When we talked to the FBI regarding our thefts the lead agent said, and I quote: “they aren’t that well organized.” I thought it was a bullshit statement to get me to back off then, and this just reenforces that idea.

Only one Highland Park (a city literally within Detroit) officer has been charged so far, no way he’s the only one involved.


There’s also a corruption case in the neighboring Macomb County about ill gotten contracts and embezzlements and one of the guys they caught is flipping on his “associates” who are also on the Nationwidtow-yard side. Could get interesting.

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