Dew you know where yer going Dale?

Here’s Dale Jr. at Bristol’s greasy spoon squareburger Blue Circle*, dewing silly things like heading 70 the wrong direction.


*Blue circle is like a White Castle on many levels except it’s one place. Put it on the general purpose bucket list of ‘things to eat’ Your stomach may disagree, so just get a couple at first.

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The double is better, but it’s not the same since they stopped using wax paper that stuck to the bun randomly.

Then take the bluff city highway past the track and head over to Ridgewood BBQ and get a decent meal if you can get in.


(he knows a shortcut that apparently goes directly over the mountain peaks, but I digress. I could show him a few shortcuts but I’d hate to get in any sort of arguament nuff said)

They done riped me offs. I was going to have a burger-run challenge for Bristol, but without the police blocking off the road to allow Dale to drive wherever the hey he wants. It would have been slower than that time I sent Top Gear to explore the permissions of North Carolina State Park wardens.


Journalistic Integrity?: No, it’s an Acccord.

There will be a designated Blue Circle tasting round Friday afternoon. Any journalists with a byline wandering in Bristol can trade stickers for square burgers courtesy me..


Limited offer in case I underestimate internets. In which case, buy your own. They’re cheap.

Come on by, tell them Oppo sent ya.

I do plan to contact Blue Circle and do a parody ad with the Brat. Your publicity could help push that into reality, and especially the part where I get to drive on the track.


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