Dickhead gets bailed to Crown Court

The Dickhead driving his Girlfriends car on track.

The "young man", Mr Jack Cottle (pictured below) 22 from Durngates, Wadhurst, who imperilled racers in the VW Fun Cup 4 hour at Brands Hatch in June has appeared before Sevenoakes Magistrates Court and bailed to appear at Maidstone Crown Court on October 10.


This video from a French source shows the incident from several different views.

In the film, a girl can be heard screaming at the driver pleading with him to stop as their car pulls onto the main track.

Another passenger in the back of the car describes what is happening:

Passenger One (M): "This is Jack Cottle trying to get on the race track."


Passenger Two (F): "Jack don't, please I'm begging you."

Passenger One (M): "We're going to try and get on this track with all these Beetles. We're going through the pits boys."


Passenger Two (F): "You are properly joking! No Jack stop; seriously! You'll crash my car! We'll get arrested!"

Driver: "You best get that on camera."

The driver ignores her pleas and her attempts to take control of the steering wheel as he manages to bypass security and onto the track. The incident caused organisers to raise the red flag during the race on Saturday at the track in Fawkham, Kent and it was half an hour before the event could get going again.


The Dickhead getting a bollocking from Race Officials in the Scrutineering Area.

The race commentator can be heard on the film saying: "Why is there a Volkswagen Golf on the track? I know these are VW Beetles but that's not quite right is it?"

The video, shot by motorsport enthusiast Fergus Reed said. "It was incredibly dangerous. The cars are designed to race in packs and he was extremely lucky to have joined the race when he did. If he'd have come out half a lap later it would not have been nice.


"The garages at the back of the pit lane are all open so anyone could do it again.

"But I don't think Brands Hatch were to blame. It was a small event and at this level the likelihood of something like this happening is incredibly slim and could easily have happened at any other circuit across the country."


Jon Tomlinson was part of a two-person team taking part in the race. A video camera installed in the team car caught the moment the white Polo blocked its way.

"Everyone was shocked. You never expect anything like that to happen," he said.


"The race cars have a roll cage in them, fire extinguishers and the drivers wear crash helmets, so we're reasonably safe in there. But a road car doesn't the same safety features.

"There is a big speed differential. That car was going round at about 40mph, whereas the race cars were reaching speeds of 110mph.


"You get a lot of cars swapping positions in the race and they could easily have been in their slipstream and pulled-out and smacked into it."

Images: Express, Sevenoaks Chronicle, Mirror.

Videos: Reed, Cottle, Tomlinson

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