I’ll be messing with my friend’s 2000 Integra LS for a while, trying to fix little things and hopefully get it ready for a Maryland inspection. My biggest two concerns are the constantly lit low gas light, and the exhaust leak that seems to be coming from the A-pipe (between the exhaust manifold and catalytic converter). Looks like a replacement is about $100 with all the nuts and seals, but I’m hoping the existing fasteners haven’t rusted to nothing. I’ve got plugs, wires, air filter, and fuel filter on the way to hopefully improve driveability, which isn’t too bad but the idle seems high (900rpm). Engine is not throwing any codes either which is a good thing. It’s going to get an oil change as well since 1) the maint. req light is on and 2) no idea when it last had an oil change.

Also, anyone have experience with the sunroofs in these things? I had to crank his roof flush, as the sunroof switch only opens the roof, but won’t close it (seems like the close button is inoperable). Thoughts?

I’ll post pictures for giggles as time allows.