Did a bunch of work today


Got the nose of the yellow bike swapped from the destroyed gen 1 nose to a slightly less damaged gen 2 nose. Still not really happy with it if I’m honest. I’ll have to order a new nose cone, and get a new fairing stay as well. some other odd and ends here and there. forks need to come off.

Also managed to find that oil leak on the blue daytona. I had fixed the first one (oil galley plug) but now the counter balance shaft cover was leaking. fucking triumph. I love it <3

Last photo is how I pack in 6 bikes in a 1 car garage. along the back, from left to right, 09 SV, 92 250RR, 11 Daytona, 06 daytona.
front row, left to right: 94 VFR, 08 CBF

Its tight. but I can fit ONE more bike if i try hard.

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