With the missus out of the country for the long weekend, I did some work on the cars, instead of spending all my time in front of the computer, reading ahem.. Jalopnik and oppo.

I had a chin spoiler sitting in the garage for the Z4M for well over a year. It needed some paint, so out came a can of plastidip, that was also sitting in the garage for way too long. Some quick coats later, it looked great.


I never put the spoiler on because I didn’t have any way to raise the front high enough to get a drill underneath the car, So I started to think of getting a floor jack, but didn’t want to spend money on a cheap one, So I had to improvise.

After rummaging around the garage I found an old broken control arm that the lovely folks at BMW gave back to me after charging an arm and leg to replace. Worked perfectly got the chin high enough that I could drill 3 holes in the center and use existing screws under the bumper to add the spoiler. Looks way better now in my opinion.


Next came the Mini Cooper, I still had some plastidip left so decided to make some the chrome on the car black.. and here is the finished product. The rings around the headlights, the chrome pieces on the grill and the badge are now black. I will have to wait till next weekend and a new can of plastidip to get the rest of the car, I’ll probably get the chrome mirrors, door handles and gas cap


And finally the family picture,

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