Did a Little Something

While the wife was sick. Stayed home with the kids yesterday to get them off to school. Once they were gone I went out to work on the van some more.

Started by adding baffles in my exhaust to kill out the massive resonance I’ve been having, which worked wonderfully.

With that done, I set into getting the driver’s side done. I got the final sanding done on the bottom and gave it a look over to make sure I didn’t miss anything:

Yes there is a jack stand under there

With that taken care of, I taped it off and laid on the undercoating:

Then I set into sanding out the passenger side so I could lay the next glaze of filler in. Also got most of the passenger side sanded:


About that time the kids got home, so I went back to time with the kids.

Hoping to get some time this weekend to get it glazed/sanded/undercoated, then I’ll be done with it until spring time unless someone loans me a heated shop for a few days to get it sprayed.


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