So I wanted some pictures of the SI to use in my upcoming review. Well since this review is not coming anytime soon, I'll share the pictures with you. Just a taste of what's coming in my review is this affirmation (and you can click on it to see what i'm actually talking about) : the last time I went for a photoshoot I had much more fun.

Note : I didn't have the front chrome grille in place

I don't like the front end much to be honest, it isn't any different from a 2006 Civic (a car that was released in 05, that makes it 9 years old, Honda)


On an other note, I went as close as I could to the USA-Canada border. And this is what separates us, I think it's amazing.

You have no idea how much trouble you'd be in if you were to cross that little statue.


That's what the GPS was showing, the border between Quebec and upstate NY.


Any ideas what mod I could do to the car? I did HIDs, yellow DRLs, yellow fogs, I removed the VTEC stickers on the side, the front and rear SI badges and plastidipped all the chrome on the front. I was thinking light blue brake callipers.

Don't stop driving oppo!