My cruiser has the stupidest little tray, its above the radio and is has this half a dozen cut in half sized credit card slot that can be optioned with a terrible cupholder. its entirely pointless and I hate it.

That little dark rectangle about the stereo.

Well last week it broke.


good riddance, but without it I had a hole in my dash. So I made a thing.

It doesn’t look like much but it took all morning to make. its Delrin and its about an inch thick. its bolted to the mounting points that hold the black surround on and directly to the dash, then the plate you see is bolted to that (the bolts go in at an angle and it wouldn’t work one piece. Delrin is granly stuff, its hard like metal but cuts like wood, its got high lubricity and high UV resistance which is why it makes a great material for prosthetics...which is how I ended up with the stuff which is normally WAY too expensive for such a stupid thing as my brother send some leftovers my way from his practice. Its strong enough to EASILY support threaded inserts (which are coming) and its where my CB mic, and a 1/4 #20 threaded ball mount for my phone will be going. Probably my HAM mic mount too. It’s gapped on the bottom to allow the aftermarket head unit to breath a little better (it can get warm) and to allow cables the section he sent wasn’t thick enough, but truthfully I would have done it this way anyway.

Note: Delrin emits acidic and formaldehyde gasses when you work it. Neat! (I had a large fan blowing full blast away from me cutting it)

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