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Did Another Thing And I Need Your Input And Ideas Oppo. Contest Inside

Dropped $30 a can of 3M adhesive remover. Been wanting to debadge the Shitsubishi. 3M adhesive remover is absolutely amazing stuff. Turned the old badge glue into mucus like liquid that I was able to remove very easily.

Now that it’s done, I want input about my next endeavor. I want to do some vinyl badging of my own. I need color inputs.


The idea is the obvious Shitsubishi script, and an old school “MIRAGE” script. Kind of like the old school badging used on Japanese cars of the 80s and 90s.

The Contest

Graphic designers and photoshop gurus, here’s your time! I want the Shitsubishi and Mirage ideas I mentioned to be designed for the hatch. If someone can create something, I’ll pick one, PayPal you $10-20 dollars for your time, and it’ll go on the back of my car. I just need the file sent to me so I can give it to our vinyl shop.

If you want to participate just drop some work below and let me know what color will pop with the orange!

Aaaaaand go!

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