The posts about the Toyota FT-4X got me looking at its platform-mate, the Toyota C-HR. This WHATCAR? review of the C-HR mentions the Audi Q2. I was like, “wait, what, there’s an Audi Q2?” So I looked at the Q2, and I kind of hate it. Or rather, there’s one specific part of it that drives me bonkers.

As the name suggests, the Q2 is a mini crossover that’s smaller than the already-small Q3. At 165” long, 70.6” wide and 59.4” tall it’s a few inches smaller than a Buick Encore, Chevy Trax, Fiat 500X, Honda HR-V, Jeep Renegade, Mazda CX-3, Mini Countryman, Subaru Crosstrek, and Toyota C-HR.

It is a few inches bigger than the Nissan Juke and old Mini Countryman. Its closest competitors are the Renault Captur and DS 4 Crossback.

Anyway, whatever, it’s yet another mini crossover and on the small end of the size spectrum for the segment. That’s fine. Generally I don’t mind mini crossovers, as long as you can fit normal adults in the back seat (here’s looking at you, Mazda CX-3, and your entirely worthless back seat). Why do I hate the Q2 then? Let me explain.

This is what the side/rear of the Q2 looks like:


You might notice that those aren’t quarter windows, they’re big, thick, blacked-out C-pillars. That’s a little odd, but I understand the choice to black them out, and it flows with the overall lines of the car.

But that’s not the only way these panels can be spec’d out. Oh no, on most trims, they come in brushed aluminum that may or may not actually be brushed aluminum. In the ideally-lit and processed press photos, this looks garish to me, if not completely terrible.


But in real-world photos, oh my sweet lord do I hate these panels so, so much.



This shit drives my OCD completely up the wall! I feel itchy just looking at them. They are complete and utter garbage. Especially that second, presumably lower-spec picture with all the black plastic cladding, which is another abomination upon automotive styling.


Sorry Audi, but you’re officially on my shit list for this nonsense. I know this is something about which you care immensely.

UPDATE: I did some further investigating. According to the Audi UK site, there are five different C-pillar blade finishes. Remember when I mentioned my OCD? Yes, I scoured the internet for real-world photos of all the different finishes.


Ice Silver Metallic

Manhattan Grey Metallic (this is the same color as the lower cladding)


Titanium Grey Matte


Brilliant Black with Audi rings logo - specific to the “Edition #1" trim

There’s also Ibis White Solid but I can’t find pictures of that.

Anyway, it’s really just the silver ones that piss me off. They’re horrible.