First time I have parked all three cars in one place; my girlfriend’s Civic next to my Miata and STi. Just time for some basic maintenance while she was still out of town in Amsterdam for work.

I brought her car over to do an oil change. It took her well over a year to drive ~4000 miles! Her oil change was more based on time rather than mileage but it fits within a reasonable mileage window anyways. I also discovered one tire was at ~20 PSI and I had filled that same tire a month ago, so off to the tire shop with the car after that! While at the tire shop, it ended up needing 2 tires and I had the AC serviced so that it would work again. Considering the sweltering summer heat right now, its surely needed. Oil change cost me about $20 and took 15 minutes. Tire shop was $300 for two tires and AC refill, not bad.

On the Subaru, I also did an oil change but that is of course full synthetic and a better filter. That also requires removing the damn undertray which has many bolts/clips in the way. So that took about 30 minutes and cost about $40 ($60 if you include the extra gallon of oil I buy to fill in between oil changes because Subaru). In the ~5000 miles between the last oil change I went through 3 quarts of extra oil. That is 1 quart per 1600 miles so perfectly healthy for an ‘06 with 145k on it. While under there I did discover a small oil spot indicating where some of it may be leaking from so I can do something to improve it still, although most of it is likely just blowby. Also while in the air, I rotated the tires and determined I definitely need brakes soon. I had already observed that heavy braking at high speeds downhill will bring up some rotor vibration so its certainly due next on the maintenance list!

For the Miata, I had only gotten around to purchasing my second set of jack stands and ordering a new rear O2 sensor. No work complete but I might start my midpipe swap tonight or in the morning if I get lazy. The car will finally be halfway to Cali legal! Next up will be sourcing a stock header and fixing my check engine light woes so that I can pass smog.


Side note, this gen Civic is quite nice to cruise around in honestly. It is rather comfortable, gets decent gas mileage, and is just really smooth. It is impossible to make it go moderately quick due to the slushbox but it really does well at just cruising around effortlessly. If you get on it, it will go pretty fast but I don’t ever abuse her car like I would my own. Plus I think the tints look pretty good and its a relatively clean car aside from the door dings. Her first choice when car shopping was a Mini cooper but I am very glad we went with this car instead. That would have been a maintenance nightmare, regardless of how much more fun I would have found it. But an automatic Mini is a sacrilege as far as I am concerned so that would have always angered me anyways.