I have only one word for you... PIRANHASHARKS!!!

it’s EVERYTHING you’d hope for. B-grade in all the most hilarious ways.

the realisation that they created a monster/s? yeah, it’s got that #piranhasharks

random character sudden death after just being revived? yeah, it’s got that


illfitting wetsuit that can’t be zipped past the cleavage? yeah, it’s got that

also, are we meant to believe she was standing behind him that whole time shimmying into a wetsuit with no one noticing? SHE ISN’T THERE IN THE PRIOR IMAGE!!!


flooded hallways and tiny piranha sharks jumping to eat someone? yeah, it’s got that

sharks... screaching? yeah, it’s got that


that’s about the right facial expression for that happening

quadcopters eaten out of the air by a shark? yeah, it’s got that


shark death by double flare guns followed by relieved heavy breathing? yeah, it’s got that

lazy last minute resolution that leaves it open for a sequel sequel? YOU BET!