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Did half the maintenance I wanted to do

Right, then...

Got the BMW on jack stands to change the transmission and differential oil. Getting the car on 4 jack stands was a little nerve racking but got that done. Transmission fluid was easy, with the help of one of those quart bottle pumps (which I have to thank a fellow Opponaut for showing a pic of earlier...I had a couple of different pumps but this worked waaaayyy better). Went to do the diff and my hex wrenches are not big enough, so another day. Took the time instead to install the new subwoofer which is OK...I think I’m cranking it too loud as I don’t have any tweeters or mids going yet and it vibrates (tomorrow, will pull the door cards off).


Regarless, it all,worked out. Transmission shifts much better...I can keep revs up a bit better without nibbling on the next gear.

Interesting fact: the transmission (5MT) uses ATF.

Tomorrow will be the tweeters and have a look at the mids..might be able to glue them. May also change the power steering fluid. If there’s energy/time left, I bought some polishing compound to get some of the blemishes out of the paint....but we’ll see about that as I own no DA polisher and doing that by hand can be...tedious.

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