Did I buy the Challenger or did I buy the GTI?

In my last post I espoused the loveliness of both the Challenger and the GTI. The Challenger has the wonderful 5.7 engine and classic muscle car design. The GTI has a sweet turbo 4 with a sweet 6 speed manual and 5 doors.

I drove both. But I only bought one of them. Which was it? German engineering or American muscle? See below for the answer!

Was it over when the Germans bombed Perl Harbor?!

I bought the GTI Autobahn, 6 speed manual. It’s a great car. It’s better in every way that the Accord wasn’t. It’s fast, it handles great, the interior is high quality, the seat are fantastic, the radio is fantastic. I haz a happy with all the turbos..........


Crappy cell phone pics below.

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