What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I’m shopping for another car that’s not too expensive

Anyway, I found a cool Mazda 6 hatchback, 5-speed manual 4-cylinder, the best combo


Price was $2000

about 150k miles, it was red, which is better than boring-ass silver. Not my favorite color, but not the worst either. Body look intact, no crashes listed on Carfax.


Seller says it needs an ignition coil but none of the stores nearby had one, and I didn’t want to drive with it like that for 50 miles

But there were a couple more issues.

There were a few spider webs on the car, including one really big one going from the drivers side mirror to the top of the door. The other doors, other than the drivers door, were hard to open, like the rubber got stuck. Same with the hatch, and the hatch handle was hard to open the first time as well. It’s like the car was sitting there awhile.


The HVAC knob was broken. Turn it and it does nothing except break off. So, no heat or AC.

It has aftermarket pedals. I have heard of some people having a hard time with the heel-toe due to the pedals being far apart on this car, hence the aftermarket pedals.


The shifter felt sloppy (afttermarket knob that didn’t seem like it was on right or could be screwed on right), and the clutch felt kinda heavy. Perhaps it might be one of those Stage 1/2/3 clutches. I am a n00b to teh manual lyfe (my next car will be my first manual), but I’ve driven one with higher miles that felt better than this example. It is possible that the previous owner got tired of the aftermarket clutch and ditched the car

Lastly, one of the headlights was out.

So, was I right to walk away from it? Or did I pass up a good deal?

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