I picked up this 91 Fox a while back. Because the 2JZ 68 just does not do it for me anymore, I need a new crazy project.

The plan this time is pre-runner rally style. The first thing I did was rip out the interior and everything associated with the convertible top. Weight savings bro.


Then I bought a new welder. While my welding can still use some practice, IÔÇÖm light years beyond where I was with my Harbor Freight flux core. I put on some Maximum Motorsports subframes last weekend.

The 10 point roll cage gets delivered tomorrow, that will be a fun project. My first cage :)


Future plans are to lift it 1" or so, then slap on some 30" tires. Hog out the fenders so they fit, then run some massive fender flares. Lots of other stuff, but you get the idea.

Right now IÔÇÖm planning on putting a Nissan VQ35de V6 in it with the 6 speed tranny. Stay tuned!