But first, let me tell you why.

I stumbled upon a silver 2000 GS400 edition platinum with a factory spoiler minutes after the seller posted it. Now, one doesn’t simply stumple upon such a gem so often (almost never) so you can imagine I was excited. These S160s are some of the most sought after Toyota sedan platforms of historical existence.

Why? Well, the GS300s were famous for their Supra relations and the U.S. exclusive GS400 has the holy-grail of Lexus history: the 1UZ-FE. Now, this wasn’t just any 1UZ-FE.

During the GS400’s initial launch it was proclaimed to be the fastest production sedan in the world. The 1UZ-FE helped it achieve this status (until the E39 M5). Unlike the LS400, where it was rated more conservatively, the 1UZ in the GS had ratings of 300 bhp and 310 ft-lbs of torque.


The engine itself was built to handle stresses of about 500 bhp; it contributes to the fact that it has its legendary reliability status. In fact, THIS engine made Lexus what it is today. This is the engine that blew them over the heads of the surprised competition.

Variable-valve-timing controlling all 32 valves of DOHC future-proof aluminum beauty. This was FAR superior to any Daimler-Benz offerings of the time. The S-Class was stuck with an M113 SOHC V8 without the Lexus tech. However, the MB V8 has proven to be perfectly reliable.


The platinum edition looks very similar to the version above with Xenons, however it has more unique wheels. The one I bought has the factory spoiler just as above. They made less than 500 with that configuration.


Now here’s the kicker: 77k miles, all service records, clean in every spot, all services done thousands of miles ahead of schedule at the Lexus dealer, always garaged, and new tires! Let’s just say I’m happy to add it to my little fleet. I’m going to ensure it’s treated like royalty. I feel lucky!

I almost forgot to point out the awesome shift buttons!


... and the Optitron electo-lume gauges!