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Did Me Some Figurin'

So, firstly, let me happily say that Miss Tesla and I are finally stable! I’ve never thought I’d get to the point where we actually have enough monies for fun projects while having a buffer on the side.

I’ve gotten the various issues on Tucker looked at, and the aggregate cost to ensure he’ll be safe to be on the road is a bit well, too much. It’ll cost me less to get a new smart than to keep Tucker, whose transmission may go at any point it feels like it. And then, even if I do fix him up, I know this car; it will find a way to catastrophically break again. So, I want to throw in the towel. As much as I loved setting model year mileage records, I’m going to bow out. :)

Hopefully my next smart will live a less stressful life. No more daily trips of 400 hard driven miles, and hopefully I’d get the alignments done sooner than later. That was a hard lesson learned.


The cool thing is, the exact next generation smart I’d want to replace him with will only cost $400 more than what I paid for him back in 2012. Plus, I get a manual transmission, bluetooth, and other awesome standard goodies Tucker never had. Win/Win.

I’d want my new one to be orange panels with white cell, and orange interior. I’d get the blue again, but that’s an expensive option in the USA (for some reason).


The interesting thing is that the two Chicago dealerships have 14 new smarts on hand. One of them is an orange manual with orange interior...but alas, the safety cell is black. $10 says that car will still be there in January.

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