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Did my annual good deed today

While driving home from friends, I saw amber lights flashing. So I stopped to ask if I could help. The guy asked if I could take him to where he was headed. Sure.

He told me he was on his way home from work, his car was in a body shop for an appraisal after somebody hit it. The car he left on the side of the road was the courtesy car. He was supposed to leave it at the shop and take his back. It was 10pm, so he had the second key.

We chatted a bit on the road, and it simply was not his day. I jockingly said: some days, all you get is shit.


When I let him out, he thanked me. While I drove away, I saw a cop car stop in the rearview mirror.

Some days, all you get is shit.

Unrelated pic of my stranded Audi for your time. It’s been trouble free since I sold it to a friend of mine.

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