I needed to get my STI treated, so I took it in yesterday. Its 60k service was due so I took it to the "local"* Subaru dealer yesterday. Don't judge, I don't have the tools or patience for anything more than light wrenching. I got to wander through the shop area and the tech had the most impressive Snap-On toolbox I've ever seen. I hope it was self propelled because it was ten feet long and eight feet high. Possibly I exaggerate, it was probably one of these. At any rate it was the biggest tool box I've ever seen in person and I was jealous.

The drive wasn't that awesome since we've got a lot of snow on the ground and it was raining. For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon, snow on the ground plus 40F plus rain equals fog. The drive home was after dark and it sucked not having any kind of horizon to look at. I don't get car sick but I got feeling pretty queasy a couple times. In semi related news my Christmas shopping is now done since I had a few hours to kill while my car was getting worked on.

*Local is in quotes because the nearest Subaru dealer is 2 hours away from me.