So after work I ran around town and got a couple of quotes for recovering my bench seat. It is in kinda rough shape, but not that bad—mainly just rips in the cover and a little foam damage. Without the seat, the best quote I got (from a pretty high end shop that does a lot of American classics) was $450. But I believe that has the potential to drop closer to $400 because the seat is in better condition than they perceived. Plus, I might try to pull the starving, broke college kid on them and try to get a little off.

I also got my 3 point harnesses in from LMC truck. I ordered the tan because it was the closest option to my cream white interior. They stand out a little bit, and I'm thinking I might take them in to the same upholstery shop and see if they can dye or otherwise re-color the belts. If not, no big deal, but it'd be nice. The added bonus? The mounting nut for the belts is already in the cab, it's just covered up by trim. A few turns of the wrench tomorrow, and the new, safer belts will be in! Then just a little trimming on the interior trim, and everything will fit and look factory.