Had to stop at Burger King for lunch awhile out and about and there were no parking spots left, so I made one at the side of a nearby street. This lead to much off-road style flexing to show just how capable the Accent is in the rough stuff, aka slightly bumpy gravel roads. :P


Also, more of you Europeans! Spotted these three around Mahone bay and Lunenburg:

VW Westfalia on Swiss plates in Mahone Bay!
Taken just before the VW above, a Ford Transit RV on German plates just down the street! We get the current-gen Ford Transit here in North America now, but we never got this generation! :)

The sticker on the tailgate above the German country sticker says ‘Nugget’...no idea if that is the brand of the RV conversion, or the name they’ve given it, but either way, I approve! :P
Seen the day before the two above, this is a FIAT Ducato-based Hymer RV on German plates I spotted just outside Lunenburg! :)

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