For a while I wanted to do something to the ol’ girl without spending much money and figured I’d have a go at Plasti Dipping the rims. The result looks good!.. from afar.

Let’s just say I’m thankful the stuff is removable. The colour isn’t my favourite and if you look closely you’ll see lots of overspray. Many retailers sell wheel kits online and they provide 4 cans. I was so intent on using up all 4 I forgot to really assess my progress and should have probably stopped on coat #3. Another weird thing is the coverage - the Plasti Dip shoots out unevenly so I had a difficult time applying an even coat without drowning the rim in dip. Oh well, I gave it a shot and learned quite a bit. Ended up only going through 3 cans so have one left. Would be down to try it again next season with a different colour.

One unpainted rim, by no means in ‘great condition’. All had ticks and curb rash.
After 4 coats of Anthracite Grey and 2 coats of Glossifier.