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Did Some Skidz in the Golf R

2018 Stage 1 Golf R Skidz

Today after receiving a very underwhelming amount of snow in western PA, my buddy and I decided to try and find a lot with at least a little snow. Eventually we found this warehouse where we got to do all the skidz.


The Golf R really comes into its own here. The stage one power makes the electronic nannies (even when switched off they come back on) disappear. It’s a very fun vehicle in slippery conditions, especially compared to my GTI.

My GTI is fun but the constant stability control interruptions lessen the winter driving experience. Maybe we’re just too immature for these very serious German vehicles. I love my car but miss my 08 Si for the fact you could fully disable traction/stability control and truly have fun in these conditions.


Did anyone else hoon their car today?

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