Started out my Friday afternoon by losing a drivetrain:

After searching under the couch cushions, it was found again (sneaky bastard):

Woke up Saturday morning and split the drivetrain apart, leaving me a lonely trans sitting in the drive:

I cleaned it up, installed new seals, and gave it a coat of black to freshen it up:


Then I set to work removing my old trans. A couple hours later, I lost the old trans:

That’s ok, I stumbled across it shortly after:


Set to work installing the “new” trans. A few hours pass..........and then..............this happens:

I got it all back together, fluids refilled, and back her out of the drive.................Excitement builds as I shift into drive..................and then I still only have 2nd gear.


Son of a *%&^$! Mother @*&^ing! (continues for 2-5mins), then I look at the bright side: At least I know it’s a wiring issue at this point, so I’ll just have to go pull another harness.

With that all done for the moment, I decided I still had motivation, so I pulled the van to the garage and installed my poly filled motor and trans mounts. Greased the front end while it was up, then set her down and went for a rip on the backroads. The new solid mounts offer slightly more vibration, mostly noticed at idle. In return I get a more direct, smoother power delivery. Worthwhile compromise IMO.