What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

It did not go well. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t think I was going to make a post about it, but this level of fail deserves its own post.

It all started innocently enough. I’d recently bought a offset intake so I would have enough room to fit a velocity stack to the stock carb. Easy enough!


Well..... that didn’t work. The offset intakes I had on hand were both 36mm and didn’t have enough meat on them to bore them out to the 40mm that mine apparently is.

Fine. I’ll work on George’s bike.

The offset intake fit on his no problem, so I was able to fit the new throttle cable and performance carb without incident.


His gas tank was leaking, so I pulled it off so I could re-seal the cutoff. Easy enough.

Well... except his tank is pretty sun bleached (he bought the bike used) and I still have all my paining stuff out, so I might as well throw a coat of paint on it.


The priming went fine, but my first coat of color had a run in it. It this was my bike I wouldn’t worry about it... but it isn’t. So I hastily ground the paint back down. Too hastily and it ended up gumming up. A new coat of primer confirmed that I did a shit job, so more grinding was in order.

That done, I re-primed... but the primer kept cracking. Either I’d introduced a contaminant, the primer was reacting to something, or it was drying too fast.


Quickly growing tired of the endevour, I switched to filling primer and that seemed to help.

I got a good light coat of color and then a good wet coat on!

Then the wind blew away all my painting crap and dinged up the top coat before it dried.


More grinding, more sanding, more primer. Cracking was worse, but I pressed on.

This time a bunch of leaves blew into the top coat.

More grinding, more sanding, more primer.

Went too heavy on the top coat and got another run.

Then I remembered these things are like... $20 on Amazon.

Order placed, old on in the trash.

FML, have some doggos.

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