Did some wrenching today

Nothing much, just a set of brake pads. I went for a safety inspection and was told that I failed because of wear and that for $189 they could replace the pads for me. I haven’t priced out this job, but that sounded a bit steep for just pads.

I am a trained mechanic but will admit that my skills are a tad rusty. Getting the pads clipped into the piston was a bit of a challenge, and I had to improvise a method of compressing said piston with the tools I had with me; thankfully one of those tools was a big-ass clamp.


Costco installed my tires, and I went back after a couple of days to have the wheels re-torqued. They were a bitch to get off, but part of that could just be the anemia caused by my cancer. Lots of standing on the lug wrench and pounding things with a hammer (which I broke). The worst part was clipping the pad into the piston, especially in the dark. But the job is done and the car feels normal. So far nothing has fallen off and I’ve managed to stop every time I wanted to so I’ll consider this a success.

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