Have some awesome gifs from the 1973 1000 lakes rally.

There’s the winner, Timo Mäkinen in a Ford Escort RS1600.


Porsche 911, I believe driven by Leo Kinnunen.


Achim Warmbold in a Fiat Abarth 124 Rallye


I can’t quite make out the number, but I think this is Tapio Raino in a SAAB 96.

Top five finishers were:

  1. Timo Mäkinen in a Ford Escort RS1600
  2. Markku Alen in a Volvo 142
  3. Leo Kinnunen in a Porsche 911
  4. Simo Lampinen in a SAAB 96
  5. Antti Ojanen in an Opel Ascona 19

All of them Finns. Achim was the highest finishing non-Finn, at 8th place. And Brian Culcheth from England finished in a Morris Marina. The Marina by the way came in just ahead of the top finishing BMW 2002, so maybe they’re not as bad as the knobs at Top Gear would have us believe.


The last three finishers were all driving Wartburgs, which were hopelessly outclassed by 1973.

Stig blew up his SAAB and didn’t finish, and both Japanese entries, Datsuns both, retired with mechanical troubles. Surprising because overall Datsun scored pretty well in the WRC that year, coming in just behind SAAB.