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Did someone say 'small VW pickup'?

I recently found this 1980 VW MKI-Rabbit-Pickup-Caddy-Sportruck or whatever you choose to call it on Fb marketplace and to be honest, I’m in love. Well not really, but I’ve always had a thing for these little fwd trucks, and that red and white with gold BBS wheels does get my juices flowing.  But what lies underneath the hood of this one? A little NA diesel perhaps?

Is that a... 20v 1.8T? Dun..dun...dunnnnnnn


Of all the VW engines in all the world, they had to choose this one. In typical Fb marketplace fashion there are no details in the ad so I am not sure which 1.8T is in there. I wonder if you could fit a VR6 in one of these, I know you could in the MKII. As long as the coil packs and turbo are functioning correctly, this could be a sweet ride.

I know most people here will agree that $10,000 is total CP territory, but Caddies typically bring a premium over the other MKIs. When I was looking at buying one 3-4 years ago I saw ones in terrible condition with rotten floors and strut towers still selling for $3-5k and this is in great condition as far as Caddys go.

What does Oppo think of the Caddy?

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