Last week the wife and I were watching the episode of Top Gear were Hammond tests some hot hatches including the new Fiesta ST. She says, "Wow, I never really liked Fords but they have done a nice job with that car. That looks fun. How come you didn't consider getting one of those when your lease was up on the Mazda?" I explained that the Fiesta ST had not reached our shores yet, and that as fun as it is, it is a little on the small side for me. After owning a '04 Mini Cooper S, I got the small, fun, impractical, car thing out of my system.

Last night on our way to her rowing program, we end up at a stop light behind a Performance Blue Focus ST, she says "Hey is that the same car from Top Gear?" Her not being a gear-head gets some points for somewhat recognizing this car from the show. I said that this car was the Fiesta's bigger brother. "How about getting one of those next? she asks. I am not currently in the market for a car, but I did what any Jalop would do when the wheels start turning, I went to Autotrader and found this.

Here is the point in the story where all of you will thing something is wrong with me. While the thought of owing the hoonstastic machine known as the Focus ST is mighty tempting, I just don't think the car is a good fit for me. At 32 with a 9 month old son and plans for another little one down the road, I think I am beyond the prime age for such a car. If I was 10 years younger I would be all over this thing. The ST is a car that was made to be flogged regularly, maybe taken to the occasional track day. Sure I would whip it around my usual exit ramps on my commute, but other than that I feel I would be doing a disservice to the car.

So fellow there a car out there that you really like but just don't feel that you would own if given the opportunity because it's just not "you?"


Of course I haven't eliminated the possibility completely, if in the next few years I don't end up with the funds for a pre-owned A4 Avant or V60...the ST is not a bad back-up plan. :)