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I mean, the headline pretty much nails it.

Tesla: Forget where you parked? Who cares?

Also Tesla: You are still responsible for your car and must monitor it and its surroundings at all times.


Yeah... which is it? Clearly people are going to hit ‘Summon’ while they’re waiting in line at the checkout, so they can just walk out the door to their car. Why would you wait until you’re outside, baking in the hot sun, or freezing in the cold, or getting wet, or even - gasp! - getting a bit of exercise on a beautiful day! Just hit (hold?) the button and your car will be right out front, blocking the entrance for all the poors.

Of course there are already examples of this not going well even in very safe, controlled conditions (the guy whose Tesla hit the side of his garage when he tried this feature in his driveway).


It really is hard to be shocked. Parking lots can be chaotic, and human drivers aren’t that great in those conditions, either. So one might argue, computers will be better because they will not inject emotion into their decisions (that guy cut me off AND he’s in a BMW!! RAGE HONK). But I think there are just too many things going on in a parking lot for this to be a remotely good idea.

I also kind of already thought you could do this with a Tesla?? I guess not.


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