Did you know?

You can add navigation to a 2016 Mazda6 just by purchasing the required SD card (on Amazon for $65.00) and inserting it into the slot in the center console?

The dealers charge around $300.00 for the card and then a half hour of labor to “install” it.


Got it for this spring, when my friend and I are going hiking in eastern Kentucky where there is little to no cell phone reception.

Three years of free map updates are available via the Mazda Tools app that you can install on your computer.

Before the SD card, this is what you get when you hit the “nav” button:


I just inserted the card last night. Haven’t had a chance to check it for updates yet. It seems to be pretty updated already, though, with several newer streets around me already listed.

If only they’d release the upgrade to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Come on, Mazda.

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