Did You Know That the Dodge Charger's Door Handles Are Inline With Each Other?

The combination of the bold side scallop, dip in the shoulder line after the A-pillar followed by rapid ascension, and the taper of the greenhouse causes the illusion of the door handles being offset. Focus on the space inbetween the handles. Keep the side of the device closest to the rear of the vehicle stationary. Now, push the side of the device closet to the front of the vehicle away from you. Eureka!

Here, use the picture below now. Same technique, so the side of device closest to the rear of the vehicle will stay stationary while you push the side of the device nearest the front of the vehicle away from you. You can also look at the same spot while pivoting the top or bottom of your device closer to you. As the device approaches 90 degrees you’ll notice the door handles will reveal themselves to be inline.


Make sure you go back up to the blue Charger and notice that the inverse of the directions you use on the red Charger create the same revelations.

Go ahead and play around with the two images, I’ll wait a minute since it messed me up too!


Do you see it now?! The handles are actually inline and it’s a side effect of the contrasting design lines in conjunction with the broadsidedness of the vehicle making it seem as if the rear handles sit above the front door handles!


You’re welcome, kin!


Nah, I’m just playing around with you. That shit’s uneven as fuck!!

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