*By the way, a used K900 is starting to hit around $25,000 right now. That’s the same price as a loaded, brand new Soul Exclaim (!).

In the US the Kia Soul has sold 133,341 units YTD for 2016. The Kia K900 has sold 754 units YTD. Now if you go over to S. Korea however the K900 has been outselling the Kia Soul significantly! A whopping 2,437 Kia K9 sedans have been sold YTD in Korea. That smashes the Kia Soul’s 2,118 unit YTD figure!

So if you have ever wondered why automakers won’t offer an interesting car for your market, or why they build a specific car to your market, this is exactly the kind of thing they are afraid of.

The only K900 I’d even consider would be the ones with the indigo interiors. Still only $35,000 right now!

I used GoodCarBadCar for the US numbers. For the Korean sales figures I grabbed from Focus2Move.

Funny thing is looking at Hyundai and Kia’s market share. Now add in the fact that the top brass (like all top brass) will do anything to grow that total market dominance. Heck, out of the top 20 best selling vehicles in S. Korea for 2016 only four of them aren’t a Hyundai or Kia and only the Chevrolet Spark cracks the top ten.

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