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Did you know that you could get a manual in a Honda HR-V? Because I had no idea.

One of my really good friends is thinking about trading his car and getting a truck from Carmax. For reference, this is what he currently drives.


To be fair, he and his wife recently bought a house and he wants the truck to do truck things. His wife bought a Jeep Wrangler and that’s not a super practical vehicle. For example, we took the M3 to get a grill; it barely fit. While it might seem excessive to get a truck, good luck convincing someone to change their mind.

That moment when an M3 is the most practical car.

The front runner to replace is the Challenger is a Chevy Colorado, which you could get in a wonderful shade of green. Being a good friend I decided I should see if I could find a decent green one at Carmax. While they do have one, it’s more than he wants to pay. Shortly after that realization, my mind started to wonder what kind of manual green cars they had for sale.

I then created a search with only two filters, green and manual. I was scrolling through the results when I came across a Honda HR-V.


I found this to be strange as Carmax almost never incorrectly lists manual cars, but assumed that they made a mistake this time. I was curious so I clicked on the listing. To my astonishment I noticed something:


It indeed is a manual. Did anyone else know you could get an HR-V with a stick? I had absolutely no idea until I clicked on this listing.

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