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Never wanted to google this, but google had a pretty funny response...

Just like the #7 Toyota TS050 at Le Mans, my Toyota MR2 is having clutch issues. Will this be an easy fix or should I prepare for headaches?

As of this morning, the car allows me to go into gear when it’s not running, but doesn’t let me use any of the gears with the engine running, even with the clutch pedal pressed all the way. I’m making sure to start it in neutral such that I don’t burn the clutch if it isn’t fully disengaging.

The MR2 in question, I gotta make a separate post for the autocross adventures...

According to google, it’s most likely the clutch master or slave cylinder, or just the clutch itself. For all I know, this is the original clutch from 1991.

Any advice for what I can do to diagnose the issue further, and learn to fix it, would be greatly appreciated. Faster Honda cousin for your time:

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